New Naval has designed a series of solutions for marine and coastal environments based on an increasing demand for protection of valuable assets,including marine litter solutions. The containment of naturally occurring phenomena such as jellyfish, red tide and marine litter that invade marine environments, sediment resulting from environmental degradation due to erosion or construction, threatening activity by radical sources, and other possible detrimental activities or natural occurrences has resulted in the design of New Naval's Marine and Coastal Protection line of products. Systems are designed to be used in a variety of scenarios including hotels, resorts, government facilities water intakes, private shorelines and lands, sensitive and protected ecosystems, construction or repair areas, and erosional areas. All of the products can be customized and altered to customer specifications, tailored to meet environmental demands and scenario variations. New Naval also manufactures anti-terrorist barriers, a solution for protection from sea level attacks and when properly deployed, it can prevent sea-level attacks by man-powered or remote high-speed crafts.