ATB Anti-Terrorist Barrier


  • Deters and prevents unwanted entry into cordoned off areas  
  • Built for continuous, long-term use  
  • Ideal for use in a variety of environments      
  • Barrier contains inflatable and water chambers
  • Strong webbing provides a visual and physical deterrent  
  • Can be built in customized lengths for client specific needs

New Naval ATB Anti-Terrorist Barrier 05

New Naval's ATB Anti-Terrorist Barrier is a solution for protection from sea level attacks. Properly deployed, it can prevent sea-level attacks by man-powered or remote high-speed crafts. The barrier prevents intrusive activity. The barrier consists of two main components, a large diameter water filled floating chamber and a heavy-duty, above water freeboard fence made of webbing net. The webbing net is enforced with Stainless Steel tubes that provide vertical support. The barrier is easy to deploy and recover.

  • The webbing net is durable and built for long-term use
  • The boom is manufactured from high visibility PVC coated PES fabric using High Frequency Thermal Welding
  • The boom configuration is maintained by air or water-filled floats placed in the boom
  • Enforced axial tension is provided by 2 tension members, a Stainless Steel wire and a plastic coated wire
  • Monsun™ valves allow the boom to be easily filled
  • Stainless steel ends at both section ends and external protection sleeves with stabilizing floats provide extra enforcement


               APPLICATIONS                                              BARRIER PREVENTS
               •  Inter-Coastal Projects                              •  Invasive Activity
               •  Construction Sites                                    •  Terrorists
               •  Dredging Sites                                            •  Pirates
               •  Remediation Projects                               •  Unwanted activity
               •  Sensitive Areas                                           •  General public
               •  Hotels & Resorts                                        
               •  Beaches      
               •  Restricted Areas


Length/Section  10 m approx.
Diameter 1.4 m
Material Polymer Alloy Coated Polyester 
Tension Members   Stainless Steel Wire
Valves    Monsun inflating air valves (two/section)
           Monsun water valves (two/section)
          Air pressure releif vavle (one/section)
Freeborad Height 1.5 m approx.
Fence Material Webbing Net 
Tension Members   Plastic Coated Wire 
Vertical Posts   Stainless Steel Tube 
Section Length 10 - 30 m