ATB Anti-Terrorist Barrier


New Naval's ATB Anti-Terrorist Barrier is a solution for protection from sea level attacks. Properly deployed, it can prevent sea-level attacks by man-powered or remote high-speed crafts. The barrier prevents intrusive activity. The barrier consists of two main components, a large diameter water filled floating chamber and a heavy-duty, above water freeboard fence made of webbing net. The webbing net is enforced with Stainless Steel tubes that provide vertical support. The barrier is easy to deploy and recover.

New Naval ATB Anti-Terrorist Barrier 05
The webbing net is durable and built for long-term use
The boom is manufactured from high visibility PVC coated PES fabric using High Frequency Thermal Welding
The boom configuration is maintained by air or water-filled floats placed in the boom
Enforced axial tension is provided by 2 tension members, a Stainless Steel wire and a plastic coated wire
Monsun™ valves allow the boom to be easily filled
Stainless steel ends at both section ends and external protection sleeves with stabilizing floats provide extra enforcement



Length/Section  10 m approx.
Diameter 1.4 m
Material Polymer Alloy Coated Polyester 
Tension Members   Stainless Steel Wire
Valves    Monsun inflating air valves (two/section)
           Monsun water valves (two/section)
          Air pressure releif vavle (one/section)
Freeborad Height 1.5 m approx.
Fence Material Webbing Net 
Tension Members   Plastic Coated Wire 
Vertical Posts   Stainless Steel Tube 
Section Length 10 - 30 m