STS Silt & Turbidity Screen


  • Contains suspended silts
  • A monofilament fabric allows water to pass  
  • Stable environment for deposits to settle  
  • Designed for use in fast and turbulent waters  
  • Tension cables and a bottom chain support the structure of the submersed curtain  
  • Curtain depths up to 30 m

STS Silt Turbidity Screen Oil Spill Response 05

New Naval's STS Series Silt & Turbidity Screen Boom provides turbidity control and contains suspended silt, marine litter, floating pollutants or detrimental organisms such as jellyfish. The screen features a monofilament filter that allows water and natural currents to proceed unhindered while containing silt and similar materials. The boom is ideal for highly erosional locations where sediment run off or storm water pollution can cause damage or distress to delicate environments and ecosystems, including construction or marine repair projects where sediment run-off and disturbances must be regulated and contained.

  • A submerged, permeable geosynthetic screen up to 30 m in length is specifically designed to contain silt in high turbidity waters 
  • The boom is manufactured from high visibility PVC coated PES fabric using High Frequency Thermal Welding
  • The boom configuration is maintained by cylindrical floats placed the boom, made of closed-cell PET foam
  • Enforced axial tension is provided by two tension members; enclosed PET webbing on the top of the boom and a Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HDG) Chain on the bottom of the boom creating a balanced distribution of weight and structure
  • STS Series boom are produced in compliance with US DoT Specifications


               APPLICATIONS                                                    OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENTS
               •  Inter-Coastal Projects                                     •  Silt & Other Sediments                             
               •  Construction Sites                                            •  Storm Water
               •  Dredging Sites                                                   •  Jellyfish/Marine Life
               •  Remediation Projects                                      •  Marine Litter/Garbage
               •  Storm Water Run-off Areas                           •  Hydrocarbons
               •  Fast Moving Waters                                         •  Hazardous Materials
               •  Fisheries                             
               •  Resorts 
               •  Beaches
               •  Water Intakes