JFL Jellyfish & Litter Boom


  • Surface and subsurface protectiom
  • Subsurface protection up to 30m
  • Contains macro plastics marine litter
  • Jellyfish deterent on the
  • Restricts threatening materials and organisms in a range of sizes
  • Utilizes a submerged, detachable net constructed of Polyamide nylon    
  • The net is permeable allowing water to proceed unhindered      
  • When the net is detached the boom can be used as a solid boom ideal for use in oil spill response operations

New Naval JFL Jellyfish & Litter Boom 05

New Naval's Jellyfish and Litter Containment (JFL) Boom is a cost-effective, multi-purpose system that is designed to contain and collect jellyfish, marine garbage and floating or submerged pollutants in a variety of applications both on the surface and below water. The protection of valuable assets, both natural and man-made, has become paramount with the rising amount of plastics in the oceans. It has become increasingly necessary to protect shorelines, harbors, water intakes, fisheries and other facilities from debilitating factors including increasing populations of jellyfish, phenomena such as red plume, litter and pollution. 

  • The permeable Polyamide nylon net attaches to the boom skirt extending the boom below the surface
  • The on-water boom is manufactured from high visibility PVC coated PES fabric, fabricated with High Frequency Thermal Welding
  • Cylindrical floats within the boom are made of closed-cell PET foam
  • Enforced axial tension is provided by two tension members; enclosed PET webbing and a Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HDG) Chain providing structure and form to the boom
  • The system can be deployed to contain oil spills or any other hazardous (solid, semi-solid and in some cases even liquid) pollutants
  • In the case of the skirt becoming damaged it can be replaced independently without having to replace the whole boom
  • Certified by the Greek National Laboratory as a non-toxic substance and is government approved by the Greek Ministry of Shipping


               STORAGE OPTIONS                              NET DETERANTS                    

               • Hydraulic Reel                                        • Surface/Submerged Materials                          

               • Storage Crates                                       • Jellyfish

               • Storage Rack                                          • Marine Litter/Garbage

               • Container                                                 • Hydrocarbons

               • Trailer                                                        • Hazardous Materials

                                                                                      •  Environmental Threats


JFL Models 500C / 920C 
Surface Boom Fabric PVC Coated Polyester Fabric             
Weight (gr/m²) 750
Containment Net Polyamide Net (Ø 7 - 15 mm)
Net Draft Up to 30 m
Boom Floats Closed-Cell PET Foama
Freeboard (mm) 200 / 300fxç
Skirt Draft (mm) 300 / 620
Connectors Stainless Steel U-bolts
Section Length 10 m (custom options available)
Color Yellow and Various Fabric Color Options (high-visibility green, blue, etc.)