CLEAN TRASH - Marine Litter Collection System

CLEAN TRASH - Marine Litter Colelction System  

Over 80% of marine litter is estimated to originate from land-based sources, one of the main contributors being river sources. To combat this issue, Naval has created and developed the CLEAN (CLAIM’s Litter Entrapping Autonomous Network) TRASH (Tactical Recovery Accumulation System Hellas ) system to collect detrimental marine litter and marine debris from river mouths. The marine litter collection system is an unparalleled and highly-efficient solution to manually managing and removing marine litter from river mouths before the litter can enter into a larger body of water where the litter causes negative effects on the marine environments and where plastics break into micro and macro-plastics dramatically affecting marine life and marine ecosystems. The system has a highly efficient storage design with multiple levels that can be changed when filled.
Systems are designed to meet location characteristics, and are capable to be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the demand at hand.
Every installation is tailor-made and strategically planned in order for the system to operate with the highest efficiency and effectiveness while addressing the scale of the issue:
System components are custom-built and designed to properly address the environment, location and river of every installation.
Operations generally follow a tested and structured format, with litter removal dependent on litter volumes in the river. This results in minimal operating costs and a reduction of the need for physical attendance by operators for long periods
The system can be continuously operated, monitored and utilized to collect and compile a litter information database regarding the volume of litter exiting the river and the correlations of these volumes to weather and river fluctuations.

New Naval CLEAN TRASH Marine Litter Collection (Tactical Recovery Accumulation System Hellas) 05
The system utilizes a combination of active operational systems and time-tested equipment  
Built for continuous, long-term use  
Ideal for use in a variety of environments      
Heavy-duty containment boom with solid cylindrical floats with a subsurface skirt contains and guides litter
Auxiliary fence type booms drive/deflect/pace incoming litter to the collection cage 
Can be built in customized lengths for client specific needs
A floating foundation attaches to the boom and holds the removable collection cage
The hot-dipped galvanized steel collection cage utilizes 3 separate collection chambers/levels that lower and raise to store the litter (down to 5 mm in size). The cage is equipped with lifting points and a sliding door
Independent floats utilize salvage technology to move the storage level. They can be raised and lowered by satellite when a level is filled
Remote operation and observation versions are available with the development of standalone models optional


Containment Cage Systems are custom built for specific installation environments
Length 5,87 m
Width 3,1 m
Height (deployed)  4,66 m
Weight 1585 kg
Garbage Capacity (max.)  890 kg
Storage Levels 3
Construction Steel
Coat Marine Grade Paint
Power Cable  220V
Height Pumps  4 x 12V
Secondary pump 220V
Camera Day & Night
Height Position Sensors  2