ScorPack Power Units

New Naval's heavy-duty hydraulic power packs provide the drive for a variety of oil spill response equipment and are available in capacities ranging from 7.5 to 54 kW, as well as single or multiple hydraulic circuits allowing multiple systems to be powered simultaneously. ScorPack power units are designed to operate hydraulic machinery including oil recovery skimmers, air inflators, oil boom reels and transfer pumps among other types of equipment. A robust and high-quality build allows equipment powered by the systems to perform uninterrupted over long periods of time without complications.

ScorPacks are intended for use in a variety of applications and provide precise control over the power supply during operation. Systems come in a standard, multipurpose construction allowing the systems to operate any equipment with the matching power requirement, or, can be customized for specific equipment arrangements, operational environments or with extra safety measures.

The practical, efficient and economical power units are built in-house by a team of experienced technicians that can assist with commissioning or after sales support.

ScorPack Power Units Oil Spill Response