ScorTail 30 Oil Recovery Skimmer


New Naval's ScorTail 30 Belt Brush Oil Skimmer is a portable belt and brush oil recovery system capable of recovering light to heavy viscosity oils. The skimmer incorporates proven oleophilic brush technology and is capable ofachieving high recovery capacities with optimum efficiency. The skimmer can be used either independently with its own floats or can be mounted easily on a vessel, either as a bow collector or a side collector converting a workboat into an advancing system. Equipped with a transfer pump, the whole system is easily deployed and highly efficient in processing large volume spills.

New Naval ScorTail 30 Oil Recovery Skimmer 05
New Naval ScorTail 30 Oil Recovery Skimmer 06
The capacity (max.) 30 m³/h can be sustained over hours of operation allowing massive recovery efforts and efficient operations
Polypropylene brushes, marine aluminum frame and a polyester belt make it highly resistant to oil and seawater
The skimmer is hydraulically driven with low power requirements and utilizes hydraulic quick-couplings that can be easily connected to a dedicated power pack or directly to the vessel’s hydraulic system when available
The robust system is built with highly durable materials including a marine grade aluminum frame making the skimmer highly resistant to oil, dispersants and seawater allowing fast, easy cleaning while decreasing maintenance and improving longevity