ScorLip Moon Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer

ScorLip Moon Compact Oil Skimmer
Weir Recovery System

New Naval's Moon Weir Oil Skimmer is a compact and portable skimmer that utilizes a weir lip that conforms to the waterline using a wave-following design that allows the weir to recover oil off the top layer of the polluted water. The weir recovers light to medium viscosity oils. A shallow draft and micro design allows the skimmer to operate in very shallow and difficult to operate in areas while the half-moon shaped head increases the skimmers encounter rate. The system is designed for inland and nearshore operations. The versatile weir head can be operated with a pump or it can be paired with a vacuum recovery system. The skimmer is commonly paired with an independent, remote diaphragmatic pump or vacuum by a transfer hose with a quickly and easily secured Camlock connection. Designed for rapid deployment, allows intuitive control. The system is built with highly durable materials resistant to oil, dispersants and seawater allowing easy cleaning while minimizing maintenance thus extending the skimmer’s lifespan. The skimmer’s head can be easily disassembled, allowing debris removal.

ScorLip Moon Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer 05
ScorLip Moon Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer 06
The low draft skimmer head is designed for the recovery of light oil from shallow waters
Manufactured of aluminium, the skimmer uses a weir intake that conforms to wave movement
Can be paired with an independent, remote PD 75 spate pump