ScorLip 135 Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer

Self-Adjusting Weir Oil Skimmer
Weir Recovery Skimmer

New Naval's ScorLip 135 Weir Skimmer utilizes a self-adjusting weir lip that conforms to the waterline providing excellent wave-following characteristics. The free-range movement provided by the bellows allows the weir lip to lie perfectly on the surface to recover oil from 360° off the top of the polluted water. The free-floating weir is equipped with adjustable floats allowing adjustment of the weir to achieve optimum recovery efficiency in varying environments. The transfer rate of the pump can be adjusted to provide a uniform flow rate to the recovery rate of the weir. The skimmer recovers light to heavy viscosity oils, even in shallow areas.The ScorLip 135 is fitted with a 3” hydraulic submersible utility pump fitted on top of the weir hopper designed for oil skimming. The skimmer can be disassembled into its components allowing easy maintenance. It is hydraulically driven utilizing quick couplings that can be connected to a dedicated power pack or directly to a vessel’s hydraulic system. 

ScorLip 135 Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer 05
ScorLip 135 Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer 06
Self-adjusting weir lip conforms to wave movement
Integrated submersible utility pump
Recovers light to heavy viscosity oils
High buoyancy-to-weight ratio, low inertial mass
Easily deployed and recovered