New Naval's MEMP 20, 30 and 50 are self-priming pumps designed to work with the most aggressive and viscous fluids even in the presence of solids. The light-weight design makes it an excellent solution for pumping operations in remote places. It can operate dry, which allows it to be used as a vacuum pump in a vacuum recovery system. One main advantage of the pump is it is extremely light-weight making it easy to handle, transport and position in emergency operations. The pump comes in three (3) models allowing operators to select the ideal pumping system for their operational requirements, the models have 20, 30 and 50 m³/h capacities. 



MEMP Diaphragmatic Pump 05
MEMP Diaphragmatic Pump 06
The pump can be driven by a diesel, petrol, hydraulic or electric motor
Perfect for pumping viscous and abrasive fluids
Positive displacement linear flow
Simplicity of design and construction allows for total ease of maintenance
Self-priming up to 7 m.c.a. (water pumping)
Dry operation
Wheeled version available