ScorSkim Rock Oil Recovery Skimmer


The ScorSkim Rock is an oleophilic, hand-held skimmer designed for oil recovery operations in varying environments and scenarios. The system is ready to be operated and to recover varying oil viscosities on shorelines and other land-based applications. Proven oleophilic technology allows the system to achieve oil recovery rates of up to 95%. The light-weight system is hand-held by one user allowing complete control and quick, efficient emergency operations. Designed for portability and ease of use, it is effective in small to medium land-based operations where control and access to rocky and other difficult terrain is necessary.

ScorSkim Rock Oil Recovery Skimmer 05
ScorSkim Rock Oil Recovery Skimmer 06


The compact system requires minimal space for storage and transportation, is easily carried and can be operated by hand
A streamline design of durable, high quality components is easily cleaned and requires minimal maintenance
The skimmer is hydraulically driven with low power requirements and utilizes hydraulic quick-couplings that can be easily connected to a dedicated power pack or directly to the vessel’s hydraulic system when available
The robust system is built with highly durable materials, the skimmer highly resistant to oil, dispersants and seawater
Optional additional stone catcher