ScorLip X Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer

WEIR RECOVERY SYSTEM  (with remote pump)

New Naval's ScorLip X Weir oil recovery skimmer  with remote pump is a compact weir skimmer that utilizes a self-adjusting weir lip that conforms to the waterline providing excellent wave-following characteristics allowing the weir to recover oil off the top layer of the polluted water utilizing a 360° suction range. The free-floating weir is equipped with adjustable floats adapting the weir to achieve optimum recovery efficiency in varying environments. The Skimmer recovers light to medium viscosity oils, an adjustable draft allows the skimmer to operate in shallow areas. The system is designed for offshore and nearshore operations.

New Naval ScorLip X Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer 05
New Naval ScorLip X Weir Oil Recovery Skimmer 06
The skimmer is paired with an independent, remote diaphragmatic pump by a 3” transfer hose with a Camlock connection
The hopper is equipped with a solid particle, debris screen with a tolerance up to 6 mm 
The skimmer is easily assembled, built for rapid deployment and breaks into pieces allowing internal access for 
The robust system is built with highly durable materials resistant to oil, dispersants and seawater allowing fast, easy cleaning while decreasing the need for maintenance and improving the lifespan of the skimmer