S-Series Shoreline Oil Containment Boom


The Scorpion S-Series Shoreline Boom is a versatile containment system that can be used to encompass and contain oil spills and other floating pollutants on land, extending into the sea and on the sea. The S-Series is unique in its design, utilizing two water filled chambers and one air filled chamber, the boom can adapt to fluctuating water levels, designed for use in onshore and shoreline configurations. Three seperate chambers allow the boom to move with the tide providing containment on land, in rising and lowering tides and on the surface of the water providing continuous containment. The boom can be connected to a variety of other booms allowing continuous protection from shorelines into the water. The boom connects to other booms allowing a reactive and flexible operation.

S-Series Shoreline Oil Containment Boom Oil Spill Response 05
S-Series Shoreline Oil Containment Boom Oil Spill Response 06
The S-Series comes in a variety of dimensions and lengths, dependent on clientele needs and operational demands 
Seamless construction by high frequency welding resulting in a robust, durable barrier  
Tri-chamber design utilizes two (2) lower water chambers allowing the boom to create a perfect seal to a shore or beach
The two (2) bottom, water chambers create a seal at the seashore interface or water’s edge and can extend into the sea 
One (1) inflatable cylindrical float provides positive buoyancy allowing the system to be operated on water, similar to an inflatable  boom system. The water and air filled chambers work together allowing the boom to float evenly on the water’s surface
Boom sections are connected with ASTM-Z End connectors, other options are available and tailored 
Boom handles improve operator control and ease of deployment