Seaguardian 12 Dynamic Recovery Responder


New Naval's Seaguardian Twin 12 Dynamic Recovery Vessel is a high-speed, high-efficiency, shorthanded catamaran hulled response craft able to achieve speeds up to 18 knots designed to minimize initial response time from the first call-out in emergency operations. The vessel is fitted with a retractable Oleophilic Brush Belt Skimmer that utilizes proven oleophilic technology and is capable of recovery capacities up to 60 m³/h at speeds up to 4 knots. Paired with an on-board oil transfer pump, the vessel is perfect for advancing oil spill response operations, the vessel becomes an integrated oil slick processing system.

Seaguardian 12 Dynamic Recovery Responder Oil Spill Response 05
Seaguardian 12 Dynamic Recovery Responder Oil Spill Response 06
The vessel is driven by dual 315 HP engines
A 6000 l storage tank provides temporary storage for recovered pollutants or for dispersant storage
The vessel can be equipped with a Marine Garbage Screen that allows marine litter recovery operations
The hull is constructed of heavy-duty GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
The vessel is built for oil spill response operations (U/J configurations) and can be used for dispersant application operations
The vessel is easily transported by trailer
The vessel has a fuel if autonomy of 100 nm