Seaguardian 12 Dynamic Recovery Responder


  • Dynamic, rapid response vessel designed for oil spill response, salvage operations support and emergency rescue
  • Designed for offshore and nearshore oil spill response, licensed to operate in Beaufort 7 conditions
  • Temporary oil or oil dispersant storage
  • Retractable, Oleophilic Brush Belt Skimmer with >90% oil recovery efficiency
  • On-board transfer pump for recovery or lightering operations

Seaguardian 12 Dynamic Recovery Responder 05

New Naval's Seaguardian Twin 12 Dynamic Recovery Vessel is a high-speed, catamaran hulled response craft able to achieve speeds up to 18 knots designed to minimize initial response time from the first call-out in emergency operations. The vessel is fitted with a retractable Oleophilic Brush Belt Skimmer that utilizes proven oleophilic technology and is capable of recovery capacities up to 60 m³/h at speeds up to 4 knots. Paired with an on-board oil transfer pump, the vessel is perfect for advancing oil spill response operations, the vessel becomes an integrated oil slick processing system.

  • The vessel is driven by dual 315 HP engines
  • A 6000 l storage tank provides temporary storage for recovered pollutants or for dispersant storage
  • The vessel can be equipped with a Marine Garbage Screen that allows marine litter recovery operations
  • The hull is constructed of heavy-duty GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
  • The vessel is built for oil spill response operations (U/J configurations) and can be used for dispersant application operations
  • The vessel is easily transported by trailer
  • The vessel has a fuel if autonomy of 100 nm


              EQUIPMENT OPTIONS                                         OPERATIONAL CAPABILITIES

              • Integrated Advancing System                          • Oil Spill/Emergency Response   

              • Booms or Skimmers                                            • Boom Deployment/Towing 

              • Deck Crane                                                             • Skimmer Deployment & Recovery

              • Dispersant Arms                                                  • Dispersant Application               

              • Radar/GPS/Echo Sounder/Etc.                        • Salvage Operations 

              • Personnel Accommodation                               • Lightering Operations

              • Trailer for Road Transportation                       • Recovery Storage


Length  (LOA)

11.90 m
Beam (Molded) 4.3 m
Inter-hull Distance 1.0 m
Vessel Speed (min. - max.) 1 - 18 knots
Hull Material Heavy Duty GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
Hull Type Catamaran
Engines 2 x 315 hp
Oil Skimmer Recovery Rate 60 m³/h
Transfer Pumping Rate 90 m³/h
Recovered Oil Storage Tanks 6000 l 
Fuel Capacity 1000 l