9/10 Rapid Responder


New Naval's Seaguardian 9/10 Response and Recovery Vessel is a highly efficient, shorthanded, high-speed craft designed to support oil spill response and salvage operations. Her speed minimizes the time of the response from the initial call-out. A square shaped stern with internal reinforcements and stainless steel connection points enable towing operations of booms and skimmers. A flat stern deck is furnished with attachments for the installation of response equipment. A bow platform provides access to the perimeter of the vessel. The vessel is built with a shallow draft allowing it to operate in both nearshore and offshore environments.

9-10 Rapid Responder Vessel Oil Spill Response 05
9-10 Rapid Responder Vessel Oil Spill Response 06
The vessel is driven by dual 200 HP engines
The Vessel is equipped with 3000 l storage tanks
An oil dispersant tank works in unison with optional spray arm systems such as the ScorSpray Dispersant Spray Arms
The hull is constructed of heavy-duty GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)
The vessel is built for oil spill response operations and emergency response; able to support larger supply Vessels in U/J Boom configurations and can also be used in Chemical Dispersant Spraying operations
The vessel is easily transported by trailer