ScorTank Framed (4,8,10)


New Naval's ScorTank Framed (4, 8,10) temporary storage tank is a rectangular, open top temporary tank supported by an aluminum frame designed to store hydrocarbons and other liquids. It is quickly assembled and is designed for multiple applications including on-board vessels, beaches, jetties and most other work platforms. The design evenly distributes the weight of stored liquids. The storage tank is portable with no tools required for assembly. It is maintenance free other than cleaning after use. It is equipped with a 1 1⁄2” Plastic Decanting Valve for easy drainage and to simplify operations.

ScorTank Framed (4,8, 10) Oil Spill Response 05
ScorTank Framed (4,8, 10) Oil Spill Response 06
The tank is manufactured from Polymer Alloy Coated Polyester fabric
The tubular space frame is manufactured with marine-grade aluminum
The tank is fitted with a decanting valve for easy drainage
A tarpaulin ground mat provides protection from spills from transfer operations or spills
It comes in a heavy-duty, PVC Bag for easy storage and transportation
The tank is easily cleaned and is resistant to sea-water, UV radiation, chemical dispersant and hydrocarbons