ScorTank Self-Standing (2,5,10)


The ScorTank Self-Standing (2,5,10) is a self-supporting storage tank designed to be used as a temporary storage solution. The tank maintains its own structure through innovative engineering and a shape that incorporates a floating collar that rises as the tank is filled. The tank is open topped allowing very simple transfer of liquids to and from the tank. The tank is designed to store most types of liquids especially hydrocarbons in- cluding diesel. The tank folds up to a compact shape and is light-weight as it has no need for a frame.

ScorTank Self-Standing (2,5,10) Oil Spill Response 05
ScorTank Self-Standing (2,5,10) Oil Spill Response 06
The tank is manufactured from Polymer Alloy Coated Polyester Fabric
The tank is fitted with a decanting valve allowing fast and easy drainage, an optional quick coupling type adaptor can be supplied
The tank is resistant to sea-water, UV radiation, chemical dispersant and hydrocarbons
The tank folds up neatly for transportation and storage
The system is designed to be easily cleaned
The tank is complemented with a ground sheet that provides a safety layer in case of spillage during transfer operations and a storage bag