ScorSafe Decon. Unit (5)


  • Quick set-up
  • Air-inflated
  • Multi-compartment decontamination system ideal for multi-stage decon
  • Robust build
  • Resistant to wear, tear and hydrocarbon damage
  • Compact storage

ScorSafe Decon. Unit (5) 05

New Naval's ScorSafe Decon. Unit (5) is an air-inflated decontamination system that features three separate compartments allowing staged decontamination to easily take place while containg pollutants. The unit is suitable for the collection of hazardous runoffs, specifically hydrocarbons, and is ideal for decontamination after oil spill response operations. The unit features inflatable air walls that can be rapidly filled with air for immediate use in emergency operations. Monsun valves are easy to operate and are suitable to use with most air inflators, including the New Naval Air Inflator.

  • The capacity of the unit is 5m³
  • The dimensions of the inflated system are: 5.00 x 3.00 x 0.50 m
  • The unit is manufactured from Polymer Alloy Coated Polyester
  • The fabric is resistant to sea-water, UV radiation, chemical dispersant and hydrocarbons
  • The unit folds up neatly for transportation and storage
  • The system is designed to be easily cleaned


              ENVIRONMENTAL USES                              SYSTEM PACKAGE                           

               • Beaches                                                           • ScorSafe Decon. Unit       
               • Nearshore                                                       • ScorSafe Ground Mat (30,100)
               • Ports & Harbors                                             • ScorAir Inflator
               • Offshore                                                          • Air Hoses
               • Vessels                                                            • Absorbents



Base Fabric Polymer Alloy Coated Polyester 1000 gr/m²
Length 5.00 m
Width 3.00 m
Height 0.50 m
Air Valve Monsun Air Valve