ScorSafe Ground Mat


New Naval's ScorSafe Ground Mat  is a convenient solution to ensure proper containment of collected waste when temporarily stored. The impermeable mat provides a safety layer that shields against leakages that may occur during transfer and storage operations. Leaks from storage equipment or transfer operations can result in soil, water and equipment contamination or result in secondary spills; the mat protects against these incidents. A foam lip contains any material that may escape. It folds upon itself for compact storage and transport. Ideal for rocky shores, sandy coasts, vessel decks and many other work surfaces.

ScorSafe Ground Mat Oil Spill Response 05
ScorSafe Ground Mat Oil Spill Response 06
The ground mat comes in 6 m x 5 m and 10 m x 10 m sizes; custom sizes available upon request
The ground mat is manufactured from heavy-duty Polymer Coated Polyester Fabric
A Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) Chain assures that the mat is grounded to the work surface and that the mat retains the surface shape
The foam lip is manufactured from enclosed closed-cell PET creating an outer perimeter that fully seals the mat
The lip provides spill containment but can also be enhanced by the addition of New Naval Sorbent Booms
The mat is easily cleaned and is resistant to sea-water, UV radiation, chemical dispersant and hydrocarbons