ScorSpray Nozzles


New Naval's ScorSpray Nozzles set is a portable, diesel-driven, oil dispersant deployment system that uses nozzles to deploy neat and concentrated oil dispersants. Properly deploying dispersants is fundamental to a successful oil spill operation. The spray set allows the operator full control with the ability to adjust the dispersant application area by altering the configuration and the arrangement of the nozzles. The set produces a maximum output of 135 l/min. The spray nozzles are adjusted vertically, enabling optimum application of the dispersant when weather conditions and operational requirements affect operations.

ScorSpray Nozzles Oil Spill Response 05
ScorSpray Nozzles Oil Spill Response 06
The maximum spraying footprint is 16 m in diameter per nozzle, covering a width of 32m in total
The system consists of 2 x spray nozzles, a diesel engine, a diaphragmatic pump, eductor and a hose set
The air-cooled, Yanmar diesel engine employs a recoil starter
The engine drives a reduction unit, a European-made Comet diaphragmatic pump with a capacity up to 135 l/min
An eductor is fitted on the pump discharge for the dilution of concentrate dispersant when required