ScorSpray Arms


New Naval ScorSpray Arms are a portable dispersant applicant system that utilizes spray arms to deploy dispersant from multiple nozzles in a systematic, swath approach. The system deploys neat and concentrated chemical dispersants at an output up to 159 l/min depending on the needs of the operation at hand. A portable, diesel-driven pump controls the application of the dispersant. The system is comprised of two aluminum arms that are easily assembled and can be outfitted on a vessel or work platform. Each arm is equipped with four nozzles situated on drop pipes that deploy the dispersant in a swath spray pattern.

New Naval ScorSpray Arms 05
New Naval ScorSpray Arms 06
The effective swath of one arm is 5.2 m with an effective spray pattern greater than 10 m in length
The system consists of a diesel engine, a diaphragmatic pump, eductor set, spraying arms with nozzles and a hose set
The air-cooled, Yanmar diesel engine employs a recoil starter
The engine drives a reduction unit, EU-made Comet diaphragmatic pump with a capacity up to 135 l/min
An eductor is fitted on the pump discharge for the dilution of concentrate dispersant when required, with a dispersant to seawater