Oiler 60 Dispersant


  • Practically non-toxic
  • No petroleum solvents
  • Anionic and on-ionic emulsifiable surfactants create an oil-in-water micro emulsion maximizing surface tension
  • Applied neat or diluted
  • Efficiently deployed from dispersant spray arms, nozzles or backpack/spray applicators

Oiler 60 Dispersant Oil Spill Response 05

New Naval's Oiler 60 is a water-based oil dispersant comprised of a selective blend of anionic and non-ionic emulsifiable surfactants free of petroleum solvents. Oiler 60 disperses hydrocarbons spilled in water. Oiler 60 is efficiently and effectively deployed from a work platform or vessel by dispersant systems that include dispersant nozzles or dispersant arms which utilize multiple spouts designed to apply a swath to oiled waters. Oiler 60 has all the necessary approvals from competent authorities, a non-toxicity certificate from HCMR (Hellenic Center for Marine Research) and an efficiency test Certificate from Warren Spring Laboratory (UK).

  • Oiler-60 type II/III 3rd generation chemical dispersant is supplied in 20 L containers and 210 L drums
  • Oiler 60 creates an oil-in-water micro emulsion which maximizes oil surface tension, forming small oil droplets that allows for rapid bio-chemical degradation
  • Smaller droplets disperse more easily throughout water, a smaller size makes the oil more susceptible to biodegradation by microbes
  • Oiler 60 can be used undiluted or diluted (1:10) depending on the type of application
  • The ScorSpray Arms are an ideal system to properly apply Oiler 60


               APPLICATION OPTIONS                DISPERSANT SYSTEM  

               • ScorSpray Arms                              • Dispersant 

               • ScorSpray Nozzle(s)                       • Applicator (Arm/Nozzle/Sprayer)                 

               • Backpack/Spray Applicator         • Pump Unit

               • Neat or Diluted                                • Hoses            



Clear liquid 
Odor Characteristic 
S.G. (@ 20°C) 1.0 +/- 0.03  
Flash Point   None  
pΗ (10% sol) 6 ± 0.5 
Viscosity (@ O°C mPas) 250 max. (ASTM 445, ΙΡ 71) 
Cloud Point (@OC ΙΡ 219) -10 (max) 
Biodegradability (%)  50 (min)
Toxicity  Non-toxic
Fuel Oil No1 High Visc.  71.1% (60% min Type 3)
Fuel Oil No1 High Visc. 35.6% (30% min Type 2)