Oiler 60 Dispersant


New Naval's Oiler 60 hydrocarbon (oil) chemical dispersant is a water-based oil dispersant comprised of a selective blend of anionic and non-ionic emulsifiable surfactants free of petroleum solvents. Oiler 60 disperses hydrocarbons spilled in water. Oiler 60 is efficiently and effectively deployed from a work platform or vessel by dispersant systems that include dispersant nozzles or dispersant arms which utilize multiple spouts designed to apply a swath to oiled waters. Oiler 60 has all the necessary approvals from competent authorities, a non-toxicity certificate from HCMR (Hellenic Center for Marine Research) and an efficiency test Certificate from Warren Spring Laboratory (UK).

New Naval Oiler 60 Dispersant 05
New Naval Oiler 60 Dispersant 06
Oiler-60 type II/III 3rd generation chemical dispersant is supplied in 20 L containers and 210 L drums
Oiler 60 creates an oil-in-water micro emulsion which maximizes oil surface tension, forming small oil droplets that allows for rapid bio-chemical degradation
Smaller droplets disperse more easily throughout water, a smaller size makes the oil more susceptible to biodegradation by microbes
Oiler 60 can be used undiluted or diluted (1:10) depending on the type of application
The ScorSpray Arms are an ideal system to properly apply Oiler 60