Centrifugal Pump


  • Self-priming
  • Automatic suction
  • Compact, light-weight design
  • Versatile applications
  • Built-in check valve for constant self-priming

Centrifugal Pump Oil Spill Response 05

The Centrifugal Transfer Pump is a robust transfer pump with versatile applications including oil spill response operations, dewatering, tank cleaning procedures and many other tasks where pumping and transfers of various liquids take place. This economic pump employs a durable design making it ideal for longterm use and consistent performance. It is light-weight and compact making the pump ideal for operations where portability and ease of transport are necessary. The pump can maintain a capacity up to 35 m³ per hour.

  • The pump is equipped with a built-in check valve, enables constant self-priming to 6m (20 ft)
  • The pump is constructed of cast thermoplastic
  • The pump is driven by an air-cooled, one-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine
  • It utilizes a semi-open, clog resistant impeller
  • It is situated on a heavy-duty steel base
  • The hose inlet and outlet transfer connections are 2” in diameter


               PUMP APPLICATIONS                PUMP SYSTEM  

               • Skimmer Operations                 • Skimmer 

               • Liquid Transfer                           • Hydraulic Power Pack                 

               • Dewatering                                  • Temporary Storage 

               • Lightering                                     • Hydraulic Hoses              

               • Spraying                                        • Transfer Hoses    



Nameplate Capacity

35 m³/h
Total Head Lift (max.) 35 m
Length 40.8 cm
Width  49.1 cm
Height 40.8 cm
Weight   31 kg
Solids Size Tolerance (max.)  ⅜"
Self-Priming Lift 6 m
Pump Speed (min.-max.)  960-1450 rpm
Inlet-Outlet Port  2" / 2"