Spate Pump


New Naval's Spate PD 75 Diaphragmatic Pump made by Selwood™, is the ideal transfer pump for versatile applications including oil spill response operations, dewatering, tank cleaning procedures and many other tasks where pumping and liquid transfers take place. The pump has a double diaphragm that provides powerful suction along with oil and water emulsion prevention, allowing rapid gravity separation after pumping. The main advantage of the pump is its extremely light weight making it easy to handle, transport and position in emergency operations. The Pump has a 30 m³/h capacity. The pump can manage 6 mm in diameter solids.

New Naval Spate Pump 05
New Naval Spate Pump 06
The pump can be driven by a diesel engine or hydraulic power
The pump’s body is made of marine-grade aluminum
Non-turbulent flows for viscous liquids, used for oil spill response, recovery and clean-up operations worldwide
Simplicity of design and construction provide for total ease of maintenance
Selwood manufactured pumps, synonymous with quality, longevity and reliability, are operating across the world in some of the most challenging environments and demanding of projects