ScorPack 42 kW


  • Provides 42 kW of hydraulic power
  • Collapsible handles and wheels for ease of transport
  • Protective and robust frame
  • Custom options available


SCORPACK 42 kW Oil Spill Response 05

The ScorPack 42 kW (Hydraulic Power Unit) is a compact hydraulic power pack intended to power equipment with medium power requirements. The robust design of the power pack makes it ideal for operation in harsh environments. The power pack is portable, wheels allow it to be transported removing the need for cranes or forklifts. The system can easily operate a hydraulic-driven Scorpion Boom Storage Reel or oil skimmer, such as the ScorLip 205 Weir oil recovery skimmer.

  • The frame is constructed of Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) Steel
  • The power pack is fitted with a 4-stroke Deutz diesel engine
  • The frame comes equipped with handles and wheels increasing ease of transport
  • The power pack comes with a complete hydraulic hose set
  • All hydraulic hoses are fitted with quick couplings connections that include protective dust caps
  • The system can be customized with an assortment of additional options specific to operational needs and customer desire
  • Gauges include: Hydraulic Oil Level, Hydraulic Temperature, RPM Meter, Operating Hours Counter and Warning Lights


               ADDITIONAL OPTIONS                              EQUIPMENT PAIRING 

               • Chalwyn Valve                                             • Medium to Large Sized Skimmer                  

               • Spark Arrestor                                             • Transfer Pump

               • Multiple Outputs                                        • Vaccum System

               • Control Panel                                               • Boom Reel

               • All Terrain Wheels                                      • Air Blower

               • Oil Cooler

               • Cover



1920 mm
Width 1000 mm
Height 1300 mm
Weight (dry/wet) 620/840 kg
Engine Deutz 4-stroke, air-cooled, diesel-driven
Power 42 kW
Hydraulic Flow Rate 128 l/min
Max Pressure 280 bar
Engine Start Electric
Frame Material Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HDG) Steel
Fuel Diesel
Hydraulic Outpu (single or dual)  ⅜’’ - ¾’’