ScorAnchor Boom Set


  • Complete anchoring set  
  • Maintains boom configuration and containment  
  • Secures the boom in place  
  • Stabilizes boom  
  • Customized to boom arrangement
  • Anchoring plans available


ScorAnchor Boom Set Oil Spill Response 05

The ScorAnchor Boom Set includes all necessary components for quick anchoring operations of many types of boom. Anchor kits can be customized to operation scenarios and environments. Anchoring systems help maintain the configuration of the boom and in turn guarantee containment by keeping the boom shape and the boom in place, ensuring a successful boom installation. Securing and stabilizing the boom in position is fundamental to a successful operation, an anchoring system provides this control. New Naval can provide boom anchoring plans specific to operational needs.


Oil Boom Anchoring Set consists of:

  • Anchor
  • Chain Link and shackles
  • High-Quality Rope
  • High-Visibility Buoy
  • Swivel
  • Snap Hooks


    COMPATIBLE BOOM                                            BOOM DEPLOYMENT SET

       • A-Series Inflatable Boom                                 • Hydraulic Storage Reel

       • C-Series Solid Filled Boom                               • Boom

       • F-Series Fence Boom                                         • Hydraulic Power Pack

       • JFL Jelly Fish & Litter Boom                             • Tow Bridle

       • STS Silt & Turbidity Screen                               • Anchoring Set

       • STC Silt & Turbidity Curtain  



Anchor (kg)

 12, 15, 20, and 30 with custom options available
Rope Dependent on boom selection and scenario