ScorTow Boom Bridle


  • Rapid installation
  • Enhanced boom maneuverability  
  • Fast connection to tow line  
  • Optimum axial force distribution  
  • Variety of end connector options



ScorTow Boom Bridle Oil Spill Response 05

The ScorTow Bridle is a system designed specifically to tow and maneuver oil booms effectively during deployment, recovery and oil containment. The bridle is easily connected to oil boom using either U-bolts or ASTM Z-connectors. The compact dimensions of the bridle allow easy handling and the triangular shape is designed to provide optimum axial force distribution from the boom during towing operations. Shackles connect towing lines to the tow bridle. The tow bridle is an essential accessory for safe and efficient boom towing operations.

  • The bridle is compatible with all floating containment booms
  • The bridle is manufactured with PVC-coated Polyester fabric
  • The bridle incorporates closed-cell polyethylene foam floats providing required buoyancy
  • The bridle is fitted with a PET Webbing noose for ease of connection by shackle to a towing line
  • Easy to clean
  • Bright yellow color increases visibility of the bridle and boom end which is essential during towing operations


               COMPATIBLE BOOM                              BOOM DEPLOYMENT SET

               • A-Series Infatable Boom                   • Hydraulic Storage Reel

               • C-Series Solid Filled Boom                • Storage Crate or Rack

               • F-Series Fence Boom                          • Boom

               • JFL Jellyfish & Litter Boom                • Hydraulic Power Pack

               • STS Silt & Turbidity Screen                • Tow Bridle

               • STC  Silt & Turbidity Barrier               • Anchoring Set

               • Custom Boom Models

               • Other Manufactured Booms


Bridle Material

PVC-coated Polyester fabric
Dimensions Specific to boom height 
Compatible Booms  750mm, 920mm, 1150mm, 1500mm and other custom made booms  
Float  Closed-cell Polyethylene Foam  
Tension Elements PET Webbing  
Color  Yellow  
End Connectors U-Bolts or ASTM-Z