ScorAir Inflator


New Naval's ScorAir Inflator is an air blower / compressor / inflator designed to supply compressed air to inflate a variety of equipment. The inflator works seamlessly with a variety of New Naval equipment, including the A-Series Inflatable Oil Containment Boom, the inflatable ScorStore Storage Barge and the ScorSafe Decontamination Unit. The portable system is light-weight and compact allowing ease of transport and use during emergency operations. The system is intended for long-term use and to be used in an assortment of applications.



New Naval ScorAir Inflator 05
The system consists of an air blower and a drive unit, encompassed in an aluminum frame
The blower is tailored to fit customer needs and the drive unit can be fuel (petrol/diesel) or hydraulically powered
Hydraulic units are supplied with quick release hydraulic couplings
Hydraulic units are designed to be powered by New Naval Hydraulic Power UnitsThe air inflator is engineered with durable, high quality components built for a long life and reliability
The system includes a 10 m air hose and a Monsun™ valve adaptor


Drive Unit 

Hydraulic Fuel-driven
Length (mm)   500   980
Width (mm)  500   530
Height (mm)  500  670
Weight (kg) 39.5  69
Power (kW) 2.6 3.5
Air Flow (m³/h)  204  204
Max. Rotation Speed (rpm)  3400   3400
Pressure; adjusted to (bar)  0.24 0.24
Hydraulic Flow (l/min) 20.8 20.8
Max. Hydraulic Pressure (bar) 80 80
Air Hose Connections (suction/pressure) 1¼“ / 1¼“  1¼“ / 1¼“
Hydraulic Couplings (m/f)  ½” / ½”  ½” / ½”