ScorSkim 30 Oil Recovery Skimmer


New Naval's ScorSkim 30 is an oleophilic, free-floating oil recovery skimmer designed for oil recovery operations in varying environments and scenarios. The modular system can be quickly changed from brush, disc or drum recovery banks depending on the viscosity of the target oil. Proven oleophilic technology allows the system to achieve recovery rates of up to 98%. The light-weight system is designed to be maneuverable allowing rapid deployment from work platforms in emergency operations. Designed with a shallow draft and stable core, the skimmer is effective in operations from inland environments to nearshore and harbor applications.

New Naval ScorSkim 30 Oil Recovery Skimmer 05
An optional on-board aluminum pump is capable of transferring up to 30 m³/h while handling solids up to 25 mm
The system is compact, taking up minimal space during operation and is easily carried
The system disassembles when not in use for compact storage and transportation
The skimmer is hydraulically driven with low power requirements and utilizes hydraulic quick-couplings that can be easily connected to a dedicated power pack or directly to the vessel’s hydraulic system when available
The robust system is built with highly durable materials including a Stainless Steel frame making the ScorSkim 30 highly resistant to oil, dispersants and seawater allowing fast, easy cleaning while decreasing maintenance


Capacity per Brush Recovery Bank

30 m³/h 
Capacity per Disc Recovery Bank 13 m³/h 
Capacity per Drum Recovery Bank 13 m³/h  
Weight 86 kg 
Length 1800 mm 
Height 450 mm 
Width 1500 mm 
Draft 200 mm 
Discharge Pump On-board Centrifugal or Independent Pump                                     
Discharge Connection (Camlock)   3” 
Skimmer Hydraulic Flow Rate 5 l/m 
Skimmer Hydraulic Pressure (max.) 140 bar 
Hydraulic Connections (m/f) ½” / ½”