ScorStore Trailer


New Naval's ScorTrail Towable Road Trailer is a practical solution for the transportation of a variety of  oil spill equipment including oil booms, power packs, skimmers and ancillary equipment among other options. The trailer is designed to be towed by operation vehicles capable of towing capacities up to 2500kg The trailer can be fitted with Scorpion Boom Storage Reels for easy transport and deployment of boom. The trailer comes in various capacities and sizes, customized to fit the operational needs of the user. The basic trailer is designed to fit in a standard 20’ container.


New Naval ScorStore Trailer 05
New Naval ScorStore Trailer 06
The trailer’s frame is manufactured with reinforced, Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel, the sides and floor can be manufactured with marine grade plywood or punched steel depending on client specification
A heavy duty, dual axis, four-wheeled chassis is fitted with brakes and suspension springs, supporting load capacities up to 2500kg
The trailer conforms to 2007/46/EC standards
The trailer comes with rust prevention
The system can be tailored to operational needs dependent on client need