ScorStore Boom Crate


  • Compact storage minimizes space requirements
  • Crate allows rapid deployment and recovery of a variety of booms  
  • Permeable floors allow drainage and ventilation  
  • Stackable  
  • Optional Rapid-Deployment Rails (racks) for Fence Boom

ScorStore Boom Crate Oil Spill Response 05

The ScorStore Boom Crate is a compact and convenient long-term storage and transportation solution for Scorpion Floating Containment Booms A, C and F Series type. Storage crates neatly contain and protect boom, while also doubling as a system that boom can be deployed from and recovered to. The crate can be fitted with Rapid-Deployment Rails (racks), for fast deployment of Scorpion F Series (Fence) Boom with minimum personnel. Racks allow the boom to be stored in a very compact form and ready to deploy in an emergency response.

  • The crate is manufactured with Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel, Marine Aluminum or Stainless Steel.
  • Punched steel flooring plate allows efficient drainage and ventilation of stored boom.
  • Forklift slots and lifting eyes allow ease of transport
  • Compact dimensions make the crates easy to handle and allow them to be stacked reducing storage space requirement.
  • Custom options depending on boom type and operational needs including containerized system
  • Optional cover


               BOOM OPTIONS

               • A-Series Inflatable Boom

               • C-Series Solid Filled Boom

               • F-Series Fence Boom

               • Absorbent Booms

               • Custom Boom Models

               • Other Manufactured Booms