ScorStore Oil Containment Boom Crate


New Naval's ScorStore Boom Crate is a compact and convenient long-term storage and transportation solution for Scorpion Floating Oil Containment Booms A, C and F Series type. Storage crates neatly contain and protect boom, while also doubling as a system that boom can be deployed from and recovered to. The crate can be fitted with Rapid-Deployment Rails (racks), for fast deployment of Scorpion F Series (Fence) Boom with minimum personnel. Racks allow the boom to be stored in a very compact form and ready to deploy in an emergency response.

New Naval ScorStore Oil Containment Boom Crate 05
New Naval ScorStore Oil Containment Boom Crate 06
The crate is manufactured with Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel, Marine Aluminum or Stainless Steel.
Punched steel flooring plate allows efficient drainage and ventilation of stored boom.
Forklift slots and lifting eyes allow ease of transport
Compact dimensions make the crates easy to handle and allow them to be stacked reducing storage space requirement.
Custom options depending on boom type and operational needs including containerized system
Optional cover