ScorStore Oil Containment Boom Reel


New Naval's ScorReel Boom Storage is a highly efficient way to store, transport and rapidly deploy/recover oil boom.  The reel is manufactured with highly durable Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel and a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) spool. The reel can store up to 250 meters of Scorpion Oil Containment Boom of various types, with tailor-made reel options available. The reel is hydraulically driven and incorporates a brake system for increased safety. The reel allows boom operations to safely deploy and recover boom from a variety of scenarios including offshore, nearshore and inland operations.


New Naval ScorStore Oil Containment Boom Reel 05
New Naval ScorStore Oil Containment Boom Reel 06
Storage capacity up to 250 meters of oil boom
Light-weight system with optional forklift pockets or lifting eyes
The glass spool is light-weight, rust-proof and requires no maintenance eliminating costs
Hydraulically driven intended for use with New Naval Hydraulic Power Packs, electric power packs and diesel power packs
Reels can be tailor-made to client needs and specifications
Optional EU Complaint tow trailer, cover (HD PVC Tarpaulin) and remote control