C-Series Solid Filled Boom


  • Light-weight system
  • Solid cylindrical internal floats
  • Shape/configuration maintained in rough waters
  • Enhanced buoyancy provided by floats
  • Stable, long-term boom applications
  • Customizable boom dimensions and section lengths

C-Series Solid Filled Boom Oil Spill Response 05

The Scorpion C-Series Curtain Containment Boom is a cost-effective, rapidly deployed containment system that utilizes solid foam cylindrical floats. The C-Series boom is ideal for multiple applications including inland waters, offshore open seas and high-current waters. The strength and rigidity of the solid floats
allows the boom to maintain shape and provides excellent conformance to waves. The boom can be produced in various lengths allowing custom solutions to booming needs. Enhanced buoyancy makes the boom extremely effective in maintaining boom configuration in applications where swells and currents are present.

  • The C-Series is manufactured from high visibility PVC-coated Polyester fabric
  • The cylindrical floats are made of closed-cell PET foam
  • The boom has two tension members, an enclosed PET webbing on the top and a Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) Chain on the bottom. These tension members provide the boom with excellent axial tension distribution.
  • The C-Series comes with INOX U-bolt connectors or ASTM Z-connectors or any other custom made requirement
  • The C-Series comes in a variety of dimensions and boom sections can be produced in various lengths


               C-SERIES PACKAGE                              STORAGE OPTIONS                                                 

               • Hydrauic Power Pack                          • Hydraulic Reel

               • Hydraulic Reel                                       • Storage Crates

               • Tow Bridle                                              • Storage Rack

               • Anchoring Set                                       • Trailer                   

               • Spare Parts Kit                                     • Container                                    


C-Series Model 

350C  500C  750C  920C 1200C 
Height (mm) 300  500  750 920  1200  
Freeboard (mm) 150  200  250 300 300 
Draft (mm)  200 300 500 620 900 
Section Length* (m) 10 10 10 10 10
Weight (kg/m)  2.5  2.7  3.8   4.3   5.8 
Buoyancy/Weight Ratio   7,5:1  7,1:1  7,8:1  6,9:1   7,2:1  
Float Weight kg/m³  30  30  30  30  30
Float Length m  <1  <1  <1  <1  <1
*Section lengths can be customized to clientele or project speicification