A-Series Inflatable Oil Containment Boom


New Naval's Scorpion A-Series Inflatable Curtain Oil Containment Boom (Barrier) is a lightweight containment system that can be used to encompass and contain oil spills and other floating pollutants when an incident occurs. Properly managing time is crucial at the onset of an incident, the A-Series boom is engineered to be easily controlled and held in place once deployed. High visibility PU or PVC coated Polyester fabric is manufactured with High Frequency Welding Technology creating an extremely durable, seamless boom able to withstand demanding marine conditions and hydrocarbons.

A-Series Inflatable Oil Containment Boom Oil Spill Response 05
The A-Series comes in a variety of dimensions and lengths, dependent on clientele needs and operational demands.
Enforced axial tension is provided by two tension members; enclosed PET webbing on the top of the boom and a Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HDG) Chain on the bottom of the boom creating a balanced distribution of weight and  structure.
Boom sections are connected with ASTM-Z End connectors, other options are available and tailored to client specifications
A Hi-End Boom Design incorporates inflatable cylindrical floats providing efficient buoyancy and effective current/heave response.
The A-Series can be utilized in a variety of containment operations including J, U-Sweep and advancing vessel configurations including side sweep systems.




A-Series Model 

 750A   920A 1120A 1500A
Height* (mm)  750 920 1150 1500 
Freeboard (mm) 300   300  420 500 
Draft (mm) 450 620 730  1000 
Section Length** (m)   20    20    20    20
Weight (kg/m)  4.5  5.0  6.15  9.00
Buoyancy/Weight Ratio 8:1 9:9:1 17:7:1 25:4:1 
Flotation Air Chamber Air Chamber Air Chamber Air Chamber
Air Chamber Length (m)  5 5   5
*Height when boom is inflated
**Custom section lengths available