ScorVac 10L


  • Designed for a variety of operations
  • Recovers a wide range of viscous materials
  • Robust build, light-weight and easy assembly
  • Multiple nozzles options
  • 60 m³/h capacity

ScorVac 10L Vacuum Oil Spill Response 05

The ScorVac 10L Portable Vacuum System is a powerful suction tool that recovers viscous liquids including hydrocarbons, oil emulsions, oiled mud and contaminated soil/sand with a capacity of over 60 m3/h. The vacuum is ideal for on-land operations including beach cleaning, pipeline spills and other operations where oil must be removed from a surface, especially in locations where access is limited for heavy machinery and equipment. A variety of nozzles allow the operator to select the right suction inlet for the specific operation at hand. The system employs a robust build intended for long-term use in demanding operations.


  • Generates up to 90% vacuum
  • The vacuum has a hydraulic, electric or diesel-driven vacuum pump
  • The system consists of a Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) hopper tank, an aluminum vacuum dome head, hoses, aluminum suction lance     and a multiple nozzle set 
  • The nozzle set includes a fan nozzle and a straight nozzle; weir head optional addition
  • Requires minimal assembly/disassembly allowing easy maintenance 
  • Quick couplings allow for rapid assembly


 • Nearshore                                   • Skimmer                  

 • Inland waters                             • Power Pack

 • Ports & Harbors                         • Hydrauic & Oil Transfer Hoses         

 • Tropical                                        • Spare Parts Kit

 • Offshore

 • Arctica



60 m³/h
Air Flow Capacity  318 m³/h
Suction Height 8 m
Hopper Volume*    2 - 5 m³
Operating Pressure (max.) 0.5 bar
Vacuum (max.)  90%
Weight (diesel/hydraulic) 170.8/130 kg
Length (diesel/hydraulic) 1.01/0.98 m
Width (diesel/hydraulic) 0.68/0.53 m
Height (diesel/hydraulic)  0.78/0.53 m
* Volume dependent on customer selection