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New Naval's ScorSkim 30 Oil Recovery Skimmer Video

November 8th, 2019

Newly released video on the innovative ScorSkim 30, designed to achieve recovery rates of up to 98% in varying environments and conditions.

ScorSkim 30 Quick Fact Sheet: 

The ScorSkim 30 is an oleophilic, free- oating skimmer designed for oil recovery operations in varying environments and scenarios. The modular system can be quickly changed from brush, disc or drum recovery banks depending on the viscosity of the target oil. Proven oleophilic technology allows the system to achieve recovery rates of up to 98%. The light-weight system is designed to be maneuverable allowing rapid deployment from work platforms in emergency operations. Designed with a shallow draft and stable core, the skimmer is effective in operations from inland environments to nearshore and harbor applications.

• An optional on-board aluminum pump is capable of transferring up to 30 m3/h while handling solids up to 25 mm
• The system is compact, taking up minimal space during operation and is easily carried
• The system disassembles when not in use for compact storage and transportation
• The skimmer is hydraulically driven with low power requirements and utilizes hydraulic quick-couplings that can be easily connected to a dedicated power pack or directly to the vessel’s hydraulic system when available
• The robust system is built with highly durable materials including a Stainless Steel frame making the ScorSkim highly resistant to oil,dispersants and seawater allowing fast, easy cleaning while decreasing maintenance

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Claim Technologies in a nutshell

October 24th, 2019
As a participant in the EU Horizon 2020 project CLAIM (Cleaning marine Litter by developing and Applying Innovative Methods), New Naval has researched, designed and manufactured one of the 5 innovative technologies for the prevention and management of visible and invisible marine litter in the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea. 

New Naval's Tactical Recovery Accumulation System Hellas (TRASH) is an unparalleled and highly efficient solution to manually manage and remove marine litter from river mouths before the litter can enter into a larger body of water where the litter causes negative effects on the marine environments and where plastics break into micro and macro-plastics dramatically affecting marine life and marine ecosystems. The system has a highly efficient storage design with multiple levels that can be changed when filled. Systems are designed to meet location characteristics and are capable to be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the demand at hand. A test installation of TRASH was successfully documented at the Kifissos River in Athens by New Naval's experienced R&D and Production team.   

This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 774586. 

In a recent presentation of the five innvotive technologies included in the CLAIM2020 project, CLAIM notes that New Naval's ground breaking Tactical River Accumulation System Hellas (TRASH) is an unparalleled, highly-efficient solution and that the effectiveness of the system passed all quality assurance testing, which confirms that the system is ready to be installed in an active, long term operational environment. For further information contact us at or visit Innovative Design to Combat Marine Pollution


NGP Training Center leads the way in training.

September 24, 2019

NGP Training Center is successfully leading the way in training in Greece and globally!

NGP Training Center is a unique training provider that promotes easy-to-access-training with the use of innovative technologies and is the World’s 1st accredited training facility to deliver interactive OPRC OSR  tutored e-courses (IMO Model courses). 
For the delivery of physical training courses as well as for practical drills and exercises, New Naval has designed and built a state-of-the-art training center in Lavrio, Greece.

Online-interactive real-time tutored courses: NGP's  e-course method uses an interactive, real-time video conference platform that allows a plethora of highly qualified and experienced instructors from around the world to deliver modules straight to your location. This method significantly reduces the overall cost of training, a feature that is always welcome.

Physical: Highly qualified instructors, either industry professionals or academia executives, guarrantee that none of delegates' questions will be left in the shadow of doubt. 

Blended - Tailor Made: There are times that a "blended" training format is what a Company needs.
E-courses instructors from around the world blend with physical ones resulting to an interactive  training course that cannot be easily questioned by any professional.
The e-course method uses an interactive, real-time video conference platform that allows a plethora of highly qualified and experienced instructors from around the world to deliver modules straight to your location. 
This method significantly reduces the overall cost of training, a feature that is always welcome.

Pay-As-You-Go: A flexible way to gain access to specialized knowledge and expertise from the comfort of your office or  home and at your own pace.
The web-based, pay-as-you-go system allows you to control payments and build-up a credit-system that will lead to certification.

Please visit NGP Training Center or New Naval Training Facilities for further information regarding the courses in progress or upcoming, as well as the state of the art training facilities at New Naval in Lavrion, Greece. 

Dispersant Application Training at EMSA in Italy

July 15th, 2019

On Wednesday, the 5th of June, 2019, New Naval Ltd. (Greece)provided training focused on dispersants application and commissioning of its ScorSpray Arms(YMC-105) system to selected representatives of EU Member States’ Governmental Agencies invited by EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) in the Port of Ravenna, Italy.
When properly applied, dispersants remove oil from the surface of water. The application of dispersant results in the formation of small droplets that are dispersed, enhanced by wave energy, into the water column where they are rapidly diluted by oceanic mixing and converted to harmless products by natural biodegradation processes.

The training provided by senior oil spill response Instructor and technicians from New Naval’s recognized NGP Training Center, (  included a customized OPRC OSR theoretical dispersant module based on accredited OPRC OSR training material and a step-by-step hands-on training where participants learned how to assemble and operate a dispersant dual-arm application system, the New Naval ScorSpray Arms YMC-105 system being under a 4-year framework contract with EMSA. 

Participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Romania and Slovenia were provided the scientific background of dispersants, when to select dispersants as an appropriate response technique, the different ways to apply dispersants and how to completely install and operate a dispersant distribution system resulting in a comprehensive understanding of dispersant use to properly and effectively combat an oil spill with this choice of methodology.

Please contact or visit the following related link: Dispersants and Distribution



Emergency OSR Exercise with Hellenic Coast Guard

June 20th, 2019 

New Naval & the Hellenic Coast Guard Conduct Successful Oil Spill Response Exercise

Greece - On Thursday, the 20th of June, New Naval Ltd. together with the Hellenic Coast Guard carried out a real-time, emergency oil spill response exercise off Makronisos Island in Steno Makronisou, the sea passage between southern Attica and Makronisos that unites the South Evoikos gulf with the Saronic gulf. The location provides a realistic and potential response environment as it is a high-traffic area due to the active role the nearby port, Lavrio, has in regards to marine activity including industrial, recreational and transport thoroughfare.  

The exercise employed state-of-the-art oil spill response vessels, from both response-ready organizations, that in unison practiced on-water advancing oil recovery formations that are extremely effective in response operations yielding high encounter and containment rates of spilled oiled. The exercise included deploying 60 meters of floating oil spill containment barriers, inflatable oil booms, that were then strategically arranged in U and J configurations, formations that are often employed tactics in offshore and nearshore operations where vessels are utilized to move forwards in a purposeful way containing spilled oil slicks before the oil is recovered.
These formations were produced by the vessels working together and operating in tandem to keep the shape of the arrangement. The vessels that partook in the exercise were New Naval’s catamaran-hulled Seaguardian Twin 12 Dynamic Recovery Vessel, a vessel with a dedicated, in-built recovery skimming system that operated in unison with the Hellenic Coast Guards dedicated catamaran-hulled response vessel that maintains on-deck oil boom systems prepared for immediate deployment in the event of a marine spill iident. The configurations were practiced by Captains and the crew of the vessels, spill response technicians who are experienced, trained and participate in exercises and drills in order to be prepared in the event of a spill.

Nikos Koliarakis, Managing Director of New Naval, commented: “Exercises like these are excellent opportunities to collaborate with other professional spill response organizations in a controlled environment that provides a platform to establish and build a successful and positive working relationship. The relationships formed, both the inter-personal and established operational capabilities ones, can ultimately be utilized in an emergency response situation to achieve effective and successful results.”


World Oceans Day

June 8th, 2019

We can all do our part to keep our oceans clean. Today and every day. 

‘World Oceans Day takes place every 8 June. The concept was originally proposed in 1992 by Canada's International Centre for Ocean Development and the Ocean
Institute of Canada at the Earth Summit – UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.’

World Environment Day 2019

June 5th, 2019 

'The United Nations, aware that the protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue, which affects the well-being of peoples and economic development throughout the world, designated 5 June as World Environment Day. The celebration of this day provides us with an opportunity to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and communities in preserving and enhancing the environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in more than 100 countries

World Environment Day is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action and takes place every 5 June.

The theme for World Environment Day 2018, hosted by India, was “Beat Plastic Pollution”, which was a call to action for all of us to come together to combat one of the great environmental challenges of our time. The theme invited us all to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on our natural places, our wildlife – and our own health.'

For more information regarding UN Environment WED2019:

Innovative JFL Litter Boom at Balux in Glyfada

May 24th, 2019 

The successful installation of New Naval's Jellyfish & Litter(JFL) Boom at Balux Seaside in Glyfada recently took place, with over 300 meters of the floating boom being anchored by our expert technicians to protect from floating litter, plastic and potential oil spills, offering coastline protection to customers during their summer sea experience.

The innovative boom is part of a complete series of Marine & Coastline equipment that New Naval manufactures at its modern production facilities.
This is the second season the JFL system was installed at Balux and we wish them a safe and fruitful season.
For more information regaring Coastal & Marine equipment and services, please contact us at or check out the link regarding.

Οn-water exercise at Steno Makronisou, Greece

May 15, 2019 
New Naval carried out an internal on-water exercise at Steno Makronisou, Greece utilizing two oil spill response vessels, the SeaGuardian 9/10 and the Seaguardian 12 deploying a variety of boom including Scorpion C-Series Solid Filled Boom (Curtain) and Scorpion A-Series Inflatable Boom. The boom was configured in varying advancing recovery formations, including U, J and vessel side sweep formations utilizing a jib-arm system.



New Naval to attend EXPOMARITT in Instabul

April 2, 2019

Off to a dynamic start for one of our esteemed distributors, ARTI Denizcilik, at the EXPOMARITT - International Maritime Exhibition & Conference today @ VIAPORT Marina in Istanbul between 02 - 05 April 2019.
New Naval will be at the exhibition today to meet and discuss with clients. Looking forward to seeing you at stand B-100.






Successful Installation of TRASH in Kifissos River

March 22, 2019
New Naval has designed and manufactured the innovative TRASH (Tactical Recovery Accumulation System Hellas) for installation in mouths of rivers in order to collect and sustain litter and micro plastics before going into the open sea and effecting the ecosystem and food chain. The innovative system has been successfully installed in the Kifissos River in Athens.

The project is part of the CLAIM program as part of the  European Union Horizon 2020 program with a funding grant towards New Naval in collaboration with the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR) directed by the R&D team of New Naval.  Every installation is tailor-made and strategically planned in order for the system to operate with the highest efficiency and effectiveness while addressing the scale of the issue. System components are custom-built and designed to properly address the environment, location and river of every installation. Operations generally follow a tested and structured format, with litter removal dependent on litter volumes in the river. This results in minimal operating costs and a reduction of the need for physical attendance by operators for long periods. The system can be continuously operated, monitored and utilized to collect and compile a litter information database regarding the volume of litter exiting the river and the correlations of these volumes to weather and river fluctuations. New Naval's goal is to see the system efficiently take on more rivers in Greece as well as globally assisting in reducing marine litter and micro plastics in the ocean. 

Congratulations to all involved for the hard work and common goal of keeping oceans clean. 







Rapid response, dispersant training in Greece

March 7, 2019 

Rapid response, dispersant training in Greece with the Seaguardian Twin 12 Dynamic Recovery Vessel & ScorSpray Arm dispersant delivery system.

For more info visit



New Naval Presentations at Claim2020 Workshops


New Naval presenting its new technology in the development of innovative systems for reducing marine litter and striving for cleaner seas during the #Claim2020 conference and workshops in Italy from the 5th through the 8th of November.

New Newal has been appointed, as the only participant from Greece, to develop innovative technology for the reduction of marine litter by 30% by 2020, according to the provisions of Claim2020, a Horizon2020 project of the EU. 

More updates are to follow regarding the project New Naval has dedicated its R&D team and expertise technicians to in order to provide its innovative equipment as its strives for cleaner seas globally. 




New Naval and Petrosafe (Cairo) Enter Agreement

July 24th, 2018 

New Naval Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has signed a Mutual Service Agreement with Petrosafe in Cairo, Egypt on the 17th of July 2018. Both companies have years of oil spill response expertise and the cooperation agreements establishes an alliance in the Mediterranean between the Egypt (Petrosafe) and Greek (New Naval Ltd.) based companies.  

Petrosafe, established in 1996 by the Egyptian Petroleum Sector, is a company that specializes in HSE studies, consultancies, training, projects and oil spill response services for the oil & gas industry and other industries in Egypt and Middle East. As the leading oil spill response provider in Egypt, Petrosafe manages OSR Bases located throughout Egypt including Alexandria, Suez, Hurghada and Ras Ghareb, Tur Sinai on Gulf of Suez, Tebbin and Aswan on the River Nile locations. The company has established all the necessary resources in these bases; equipment, personnel, vehicles and vessels, prepared to respond to any incident offshore, nearshore or onshore in the region. 

Since 1978, New Naval has provided services and products addressing the preparation for and response to any marine pollution incident. One of the most reliable European manufacturers of OSR and marine environment protection equipment, New Naval offers tailor-made, cost-efficient and environmental-friendly solutions for clients around the globe. An in-house, emergency response department provides 24/7 Tier 1 & 2 response services within Greece. New Naval provides accredited IMO, specialized OSR and crisis management training through a unique e-learning platform or on-site through an associated company, NGP Training Center.

The mutual service agreement is the initial step towards the expansion of the two companies in the region and the neighboring countries including the enhancement and development of marine environment protection services and the provision of accredited training in Egypt. The collaboration between Petrosafe and New Naval will focus on increasing technical capacities and response capabilities, such as mutual aid in the case of large spills, as well as opening new markets. The agreement was signed by Engineer Imad Abdel Razek, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Petrosafe, and Mr. Nikos Koliarakis, Managing Director of New Naval. 

An immediate result of this cooperation is the arrangement to provide an open registration, IMO OPRC Level 3: Senior Management course that will span two days in Hurghada, Egypt from October 1st– 3rdof this year, 2018. The training will be provided by New Naval’s affiliate, The NGP Training Center, an accredited IMO provider and the first company to received accreditation for IMO e-learning courses and will be locally supported by Petrosafe. 

Mr. Nikos Koliarakis commented, “This dynamic and strategic alliance, spanning from Egypt to Greece, has set the foundation for a fruitful and progressive relationship that will provide our clients in the oil, gas, ports and the shipping industries the most progressive and the highest quality response services, including enhanced preparedness and strategic response capabilities in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The two companies share, apart from the same sea, similar cultures, ethics and vision for the protection of the marine environment.”

Salvage Operation OSR Support off Mykonos Coast


New Naval has successfully completed a significant project for the provision of preventative oil spill response services and operational support during the removal of the shipwrecked cargo vessel, Little Seyma, that had sank off the coast of Mykonos in December 2017.

Contracted by Dalby Offshore/Disa International, a British/Dutch joint venture, New Naval provided on-water, response ready resources that were strategically operated to prevent, and in the case of a spill incident to respond, during the wreck removal operations that began in March 2018 and continued until June. Salvage operations included dismantling, lifting and transporting the sunken vessel from the site.

New Naval’s experienced technicians operated on-site with a high-speed recovery vessel, the Seaguardian Twin 12 that features an inbuilt, oil slick processing system. The vessel was outfitted with New Naval response equipment in varying capacities providing operators the capabilities to address both small and larger scale incidents that could have potentially occurred. Additionally, stand-by resources at New Naval’s Lavrio headquarters, including personnel and equipment, were in place to be activated if needed.

The successful completion of the project resulted in the removal of the wreck without polluting the surrounding environment, maintaining the unique beauty of Mykonos and restoring the waters to their natural state.
New Naval and its people, committed to protecting the Greek seas and coasts, are proud to have contributed once again to the preservation of the marine environment.

For more information regarding emergency response and and preventative services, as well as New Naval’s complete line of oil spill response equipment and marine solutions, please contact New Naval at +30 22920 27936 or at

The Great invasion of Jellyfish in Greek Waters


A very interesting interview was given by New Naval's Managing Director, Mr. Nikos Koliarakis to reporter Christos Mazanis regarding the invasion of Jellyfish in greek seas. 

The news story is rich in information regarding the types of jellyfish invading the greek seas, their impact on the greek tourisim economy, related health issues and fishery. 

New Naval, in coalition with the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, has commited to assist with its expertise in the development of innovative cleaning & management technologies, with a goal for reduction
of marine litter by 2020.

Thank you to the team of X. Mazanis at for their interest regarding the evasion of jellyfish in Greece and with creating this interesting video. 

New Naval continuously invests in R&D, participates in challenging European Research Programs – such as CLAIM (Cleaning marine Litter by developing and Applying Innovative Methods) which has a goal of reducing Marine Litter by 30% by the year 2020 - and develops innovative products such as the modular JFL (Jellyfish and Marine Litter), the Anti-Terrorist Barrier, providing improved and environmentally sound Marine Solutions in Greece and arond the world. 

Please stay tuned for more information regarding our efforts in protecting the seas and upgrading life.





ScorTail 30 Oleophilic Brush Belt Oil Skimmer


The New Naval ScorTail 30 brush belt, oleophilic oil recovery skimmer is an innovative and ground breaking design from New Naval's R&D team.

A skimmer that boasts a high recovery rate while collecting minimal water. The oil skimmer utilizes 3 brush belt rows and an on-board oil transfer pump to recover light to heavy oils in a variety of scenarios and applications.

The skimmer can attach to oil booms and be used in independent, free-floating operations or as an advancing system in a variety of set-ups.

At New Naval Ltd., we share a passion for innovation, efficiency and effectiveness, assuring that our partners have access to products and services of the highest quality. 

Congratulations to the R&D Team of New Naval!












JFL Boom installed at Fish Eye Beach Bar


A short video highlighting New Naval's recent installation of a custom-built, Jellyfish and Litter Boom at the beach bar, Fisheye on the Beach in Thisvi, Greece.

The influx of jellyfish on the in Greece has negatively affected the tourist industry of these areas and has become problematic, greatly impacting businesses and seaside activities.

New Naval Ltd., a Greek environmental company based in Lavrion, has developed an innovative and effective solution to combat this issue, the Jellyfish and Litter Boom (JFL).
Thank you to Fish Eye for their business and trust in offering safer swimming for their customers this summer!

Please stay tuned for more updates regarding New Naval's efforts in protecting the seas and upgrading life in Greece and around the world. 









Installation of First JFL Boom in Loutraki, Greece


New Naval has successfully completed two new installations of Jelly Fish and Litter (JFL) Booms in Loutraki, on the Corinthian coastline of Greece.  These tailor-made installations provide protected marine environments free of jelly fish. The two installations allow guests and locals to enjoy the seaside unencumbered by the massive amounts of invasive jelly fish that have overwhelmed these environments over the last years.

Thank you for confidence! We are proceeding dynamically!












Innovative New Naval Jellyfish & Litter Booms


Ground-breaking Jellyfish & Litter Booms Designed to Protect Coastal Areas

The influx of jellyfish on the coasts of the Corinthian, and other regions of Greece, is a phenomenon that has negatively affected the tourist industry of these areas and has become a major problem impacting businesses and seaside activities. New Naval, has developed an innovative and effective solution to combat this issue, the Jellyfish and Litter Boom (JFL).

The JFL Boom is based on 20 years of experience New Naval has constructing a variety of booms including oil booms and booms intended for marine/coastal environmental protection, including the containment of floating articles/debris and anti-terrorist barriers.

New Naval has provided thousands of meters of boom in Greece and around the world and continues to research and develop new and innovative technologies for Marine Environment Protection. 

The JFL Boom consists of two main parts, a curtain boom with solid internal floats and a permeable and detachable polymeric net that can reach depths of up to 30m depending on the environment where the boom will be deployed.

Thank You for a Dynamic Interspill Exhibition


Today our participation at Interspill 2018 ends with great success! We had the opportunity to showcase some of our newest innovations, and ejoyed many inspiring conversations. Our staff is always ready to give you more information and offer further assistance regarding marine environmental protection.

We sincerely thank everyone who visited our stand, and made our presence a huge success. See you at the next Interspill Exhibition with new, innovative solutions for Marine Environmental Protection. 


Second Day at Interspill 2018!


For its second day, New Naval continues its dynamic presence at Interspill 2018 Exhibition, where many visitors met and discussed with our team regarding company's product range and activities.

Visitors have also the opportunity to learn on our innovative exhibited oil recovery skimmer ScorSkim 30 and discuss its capabilites with New Naval's expertise team. 


Tomorrow is the Last Day! Our people will be there to welcome you at Stand T151 !

INTERSPILL 2018 - London UK

First day at Interspill 2018!


New Naval is proud to be participating at the INTERSPILL  2018 Conference & Exhibition in London Uk as of today! 

Success and great interest from both visitors and exhibitors in New Naval's Stand, from the first day of INTERSPILL 2018!

Visit us, Stand T151  and discuss with our experienced sales team regarding New Naval's new and innovative services, training, OSR and Equipment. 

Looking forward to seeing you at INTERSPILL at ExCel Exhibition Center in London! 

New Naval to Participate in Interspill 2018


One month to Interspill 2018! 

We proudly invite you to visit us in London at the ExCel Exhibition Centre at our stand T151 through out March 13th - 15th. We look forward to seeing you!

Register here.


New Naval Signs Deal with Government of Cyprus


New Naval Ltd, has recently delivered a significant quantity of Marine Environment Protection equipment to the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (Fisheries Department) of Cyprus ( The Cypriot authorities remain one of our most valued clients and have trusted our equipment many times in the past. The project included the provision of our Scorpion™ Curtain type Oil Containment Boom, along with all the necessary Ancillary equipment (Towing Bridles, Metal Storage Crates) and was awarded through a public tender with very strict quality and cost criteria.  
New Naval is continuously growing its sales network and presence in the Mediterranean region, always ensuring that our cost effective products are keeping our seas protected. 

For more information regarding Cyprus Department of Fisheries & Marine Research, please visit:


New Naval at NEVA 2017, Russia

September 1st, 2017 

Come visit us at NEVA 2017, St Petersburg Russia ,Stand F6010!

This year our company will participate in NEVA 2017 and is looking foward to seeing you and to discuss all of New Naval's innovative Marine Environment Protection equipment, training, OSR and Contingency Plans!


Register here.

New Naval To Join Forces With EMSA


In January 2017 New Naval Ltd and European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), announced a four-year co-operation through an agreement signed by both companies. Via a public procurement procedure, with global vendors, EMSA awarded NEW NAVAL assignment of provision of Spraying arms with multiple nozzles & ATEX Certified Spraying arms with multiple nozzles. Congratualations to our team and thank you to EMSA for the continued trust and excellent cooperation!

For further information regarding the EMSA program, please visit:

New Naval Participates in Horizon 2020 Clean Seas


New Naval Ltd. has begun participation in the EU H2020 Research Program, battling for cleaner seas free of marine garbage. As a proud partner of a pioneering consortium, led by the Hellenic Marine Research Center (HCMR) and esteemed participants such as Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), New Naval Ltd. brings industrial expertise and technical knowledge, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the final proposal.

New Naval Ltd., a proud member of Marine Environment Protection organizations like Eurospill, understanding the significance of Marine Plastic Pollution Reduction, has undertaken the task to come up with simple, clever and applicable ideas that protect marine environment.



New cooperation of New Naval with Kuwait


New Naval Ltd. and Al Khudair International General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L., are proud to announce an alliance to promote oil spill response and marine protection equipment in the Shipping & Oil industries. New Naval brings its years of experience and proven response technology to deliver innovative solutions to combat and prevent oil pollution. Al Khudair International General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L., is a subsidiary company of M/S Abdulla Awad Al Khadair & Sons Co., established in 1981, that specializes in supplying products to a wide range of industries across the globe.

Al Khudair International General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L., will undertake the promotion and provision of New equipment. This partnership, certified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of both countries, will work to make available the highest quality of oil spill and marine protection equipment business opportunities worldwide.

OSR Equipment Delivered to Government of Malta


In October 2016 & April 2017, New Naval successfully completed the provision of innovative and high quality oil spill response equipment to the Maltese Government – Department of Transport “TRANSPORT MALTA-TM” (, through our agent in Malta, company MSAR (Marine Safety & Response Equipment), maintaining a strong presence in Mediterranean region, and enhancing preparedness and efficiency of Oil Spill Response for Maltese ports.
Congratulations to New Naval’s Production department for meeting delivery time on such a demanding order.