Scorpion Chemical Sorbents


  • Pad Sorbents
  • Roll Sorbents
  • Boom Sorbents
  • Sock Sorbents
  • Absorb up to 25x their own weight of water-based chemicals
  • Non-toxic
  • Variety of forms and shapes to properly address each incident
  • Made from polypropylene fabric

Scorpion Chemical Sorbents Oil Spill Response 05

New Naval Scorpion General Purpose Chemical Sorbents (Pads, Rolls, Booms and Socks) are an ideal solution for onland and inland water-based chemical recovery. Made of 100% non-woven, melt-blown polypropylene fabric oil sorbents have excellent absorption properties. New Naval sorbents can recover up to 25 times their weight of most chemicals. The sorbents need no special equipment for application and recovery. Made of non-toxic material, they are reusable up to 5 times with out losing the ability to recover spills.

  • Sorbents are highly flame-resistant and can be incinerated with less than 0.02 % ash
  • Long storage life as sorbents will not rot or mildew
  • Sorbents come packed in heavy-duty polyethylene film bag for indoor or outdoor storage in a variety of types
  • Sorbent in boom form are contained with a special treated net
  • The tensile strength of sorbent booms is reinforced by a propylene rope located inside the boom net
  • Both the sorbent booms and socks are equipped on both ends with lines to join multiple pieces together


               APPLICATIONS                                             OPERATIONAL CAPABILITIES 

               • In-land (ponds, marshes)                        • Flat Surfaces
               • Onland (surface spills)                             • Puddles
                                                                                          • Shallow Water
                                                                                          • Work Surfaces



 Pads  Rolls  Booms  Socks
ID (P-) 200 GP  4448 GP 3010 GP 7510 GP
Dimensions  40 x 50 cm 44 x 0.5 m 10 cm (dia.) 7.5 cm (dia.)  
Length n/a  n/a  3 m 1.2 m
Weight 200 gr/m²  200 gr/m² 5 kg 5 kg
Packaging  200 pcs 1 roll 4 pcs 10 pcs
Color  Grey or Yellow  Grey or Yellow  Grey or Yellow  Grey or Yellow
Length n/a  n/a  3 m 1.2 m