Displacement Pump


  • Non-turbulent flow
  • Compatible with viscous liquids
  • Diesel, hydraulic and electric motor options
  • Pairs with a variety of oil spill response equipment

Displacement Pump Oil Spill Response 05

The Displacement PD100 Spate Pump made by Selwood™ handles both light and heavy oils, including hydrocarbons. The pump is designed to handle highly viscous liquids, at a high, non-turbulent flow rate. The versatile pump works flawlessly in demanding conditions, specifically oil spill response operations and challenging environments. The pump has been used worldwide in oil recovery applications and works in conjunction with a wide variety of recovery equipment and skimmers, including the ScorTail Oleophilic Brush Belt oil recovery skimmer. The pump has a capacity  of 77 m³/h  and can handle solids up to 16 mm in diameter. The self-priming lift of the pump is 8.8 m (28.8 ft).

  • The pump is fitted with a Lombardini LDW7042 diesel engine; hydraulic and electric motor options are available
  • Diesel, petrol, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drives can be fitted to suit individual needs
  • Simplicity of design and construction provide for total ease of maintenance
  • The pump can be fitted with a spark arrestor and Chalwyn valve for increased safety
  • The system will not be harmed if run dry
  • The pump comes with a static chassis and threaded connections


               PUMP APPLICATIONS                PUMP SYSTEM  

               • Skimmer Operations                 • Skimmer 

               • Liquid Transfer                           • Hydraulic Power Pack                 

               • Dewatering                                  • Temporary Storage 

               • Lightering                                     • Hydraulic Hoses              

               • Spraying                                        • Transfer Hoses