ScorAir Inflator


  • Inflates or defates inflatable equipment
  • Used with inflatable booms, barges, decontamination tanks, etc.   
  • Light-weight, easily transportable system  
  • Modular hose/nozzle options  
  • Compact    
  • Hydraulic or fuel-driven (diesel or petrol)





ScorAir Inflator Oil Spill Response 05

The New Naval ScorAir Inflator is an air blower designed to inflate and deflate equipment. The inflator works seamlessly with a variety of New Naval equipment, including the A-Series Inflatable Boom and the ScorSafe Decon. Unit. The portable system is light-weight and compact allowing ease of transport and use during emergency operations. The system is intended for long-term use and to be used in an assortment of applications.

  • The system consists of an air blower and a drive unit, encompassed in an aluminum frame
  • The blower is tailored to fit customer needs and the drive unit can be fuel (petrol/diesel) or hydraulically powered
  • Hydraulic units are supplied with quick release hydraulic couplings
  • Hydraulic units are designed to be powered by New Naval Hydraulic Power Units
  • The air inflator is engineered with durable, high quality components built for a long life and reliability
  • The system includes a 10 m air hose and a Monsun™ valve adaptor


               EQUIPMENT APPLICATIONS                              AIR INFLATOR SET

               • ScorSafe Decon. Unit                                           • Air Inflator

               • Scorpion A-Series Inflatable Boom                  • Air Hose Set

               • ATB Anti-Terrorist Barrier                                   • Monsun™ Valve Adaptor

               • Inflatable Tanks                                                     • Inflatable Boom or Tank

               • Inflatable Booms