Our People, Network & Clients

Our People

New Naval consists of a combination of young, enthusiastic individuals from various backgrounds and some of the most experienced experts in the industry. Qualified engineers, marine pollution advisors, sales and marketing staff, well-trained response personnel and crews form an ideal mixture of people who are willing to support and deliver any project around the world and most importantly share a passion for the marine environment and its protection. We, at New Naval, consider our people our assets; therefore we continuously invest in their capabilities.


Our Network

We are continuously expanding our sales and service network that covers a significant part of the world, including but not limited to Germany, UK, Italy, Cyprus, Argentina, US, Malta, UAE, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, and Turkey. Our agents and representatives are carefully selected, we strive to work with the best and most reliable people within our industry. New Naval welcomes opportunities for representation and cooperation in any part of the world, especially with individuals and companies who share the same ethics and passion for the marine environment.


Our Clients

For the last four decades New Naval has worked with highly reputable companies, authorities and organizations around the world including European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), ports and port authorities in the Mediterranean Sea, Armed Forces of varying countries, municipalities, oil and gas companies (drilling operators, refineries, terminals, etc.), coastal facilities, resorts and hotels. No project is too small or too big as our enthusiasm and concern for the marine environment is parallel to that of our current and future clients.