A-Series Oil Containment Boom CSM



New Naval's Scorpion A-Series CSM Inflatable Neoprene Boom is a heavy-duty off shore containment system that can be used to encompass and contain oil spills and other floating pollutants when an incident occurs in demanding and harsh sea and weather conditions. When properly managed time is crucial at the onset of an incident, the A-Series CSM boom is engineered to be easily controlled and held in place once deployed. Made from special rubber compound, coated with CSM the seamless boom is extremely durable, able to withstand demanding offshore marine conditions and aggressive hydrocarbons.

A-Series Oil Containment Boom CSM 05
A-Series Oil Containment Boom CSM 06
Seamless construction delivers extremely durable boom
Effective in a variety of sea conditions
Hot dip galvanized chain ballast and tension member
Ideal for advancing vessel recovery operations
Compatible with hydraulically powered boom reels for compact storage