D-Series Land Containment Dam


New Naval's Scorpion D-Series Land Containment Dam (Boom) is a versatile system that can be used to encompass, contain, guide or control oil spills and other liquids on land. The D-Series is unique in its design, utilizing a flexible yet durable water filled chamber allowing the boom to adapt to fluctuating terrain. The boom is easily assembled and transported in compact storage form. The boom is designed for fast deployment for a number of applications such as pipeline leaks, tank truck accidents, shoreline clean-up projects, construction works, or for creating dry working areas in small rivers and canals among other applications.

Scorpion D-Series Land Containment Dam 05
Scorpion D-Series Land Containment Dam 06
Quick and easy transport and deployment, requires limited storage/transport space utilizing a compact recovered form
Seamless construction by high frequency welding resulting in a robust, durable barrier
Easily filled with water, the system can quickly be deployed, positioned and activated for operation
The boom is quickly demobilized and requires minimal maintenance
Equipped with durable and easy to use Monsun™ valves