ScorTank Barge (10, 25, 50)


New Naval's ScorTank Barge (10, 25, 50) is designed to be used as a temporary storage solution developed for use on land and in water. The inflatable oil storage barge is a towable floating oil/water storage tank with a pocket shaped bottom. It can be used for recovered oil as collected from a skimmer, or may be used for transportation of all kinds of low-density products. When empty, the system can be rolled into a compact shape, reducing the dimensions of the bladder and the space requirements for storage increasing the ease of transport.

ScorTank Barge Θαλάσσια Αντιρρύπανση 05
ScorTank Barge Oil Spill Response 06

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The barge comes in 10 m³ , 25 m³ and 50 m³ capacities
The hull is manufactured made from TPU or Hypalon-Neoprene (CSM) rubber material in a “horseshoe” shape, and is composed of compartments with internal airtight conical bulkheads. Bulkheads are closed on the rear section of the hull by a transverse section
Each airtight compartment is fitted with a valve for inflation purposes. Stiffening of the hull is achieved using two or three transverse frames, the number of frames depending on size of barge
A pocket shaped bottom is fabricated into the length of the hull along with handling straps
The barge is supplied complete with a removable top cover with inflatable beam, which contains access hatch and filling points