ScorSweep 60 Oil Recovery Skimmer Package


New Naval's ScorSweep 60 is a complete oil recovery side collector skimmer package that is designed to temporarily turn a vessel into an oil slick processing system. Intended for larger offshore and nearshore operations, the package equips a ScorTail 60, an oleophilic belt-brush skimmer, to the side of the recovery vessel. The skimmer is connected to a sweep boom that creates a containment swath that corrals and guides oil during recovery operations to the collection point of the skimmer, located at the apex of the confi guration towards the stern of the vessel. The sweep boom is held in place by an aluminum jib arm extending from the vessel.

ScorSweep 60 Package Oil Spill Response 05
ScorSweep 60 Package Oil Spill Response 06
Complete, side collector package for advancing, on-water operations transforming a vessel into a slick processing system.
An oleophilic brush conveyor belt skimmer with 5 brush rows is combined with a sweep boom and jib arm confi guration.
Dedicated Fassi lifting crane allows quick installation and mounting of skimmer onto a variety of vessel types and sizes.
Excellent encounter rate and recovery effi ciency, recovers a wide range of viscosities using oleophilic brush tech.
Compact storage design requires minimal on-deck storage space and improves transportability of the complete system.