Spill Response Equipment Solutions

Oil Spill Response Equipment Services

Equipment Solutions for All Types of Operations

New Naval has a variety of equipment options designed to fit the needs and the budget for the operation at hand. Rental and leasing options are ideal solutions for temporary and short-term projects that may call for support or emergency response equipment. Individual equipment, pre-packed containers built for specific OSR operations and custom packages based on customer needs are available for rental and leasing. Training, equipment commissioning and support personnel are also available for any and all operational needs.

New Naval equipment comes prepared for emergency or stand-by operations. Rental equipment packages contain carefully selected items that are paired together to provide ideal response resources that can be rapidly deployed at a moments notice. Packages are complete systems that include all necessary items to properly operate in the designated environment. All of New Naval’s services are supported by experienced and trained personnel.


Equipment Services include:

- Equipment Rental
- Equipment, Logistics and Commissioning
- Post-Operation Maintenance
- Maintenance Scheduling & Service Plan


A variety of pre-packaged, containerized scenario-based systems are available including:
 - Pumping/Transfer Operations Container
 - Offshore Containment & Recovery Container
 - Nearshore/Port Response Container
 - Shoreline Response Container
 - On-Shore Response Container
 - Dispersant Container
 - Command Station Container
 - Consumables & Support Container

For Oil and Gas use, DNV Offshore Certified 10' or 20' containers are available depending on client requirements.