Innovative Design to Combat Marine Pollution

New Naval Innovative Design

For decades, New Naval has provided services and products addressing the preparation for and response to any marine pollution incident. Our experience includes projects, development of equipment for the response to and participation in marine pollution incidents originating from ships, ports and coastal facilities. New Naval has always provided the necessary tools or solutions to defend against these types of debilitating incidents.

This experience and significant exposure, paired with a resolute spirit and innovative R&D team has led us to develop a wide range of equipment while allowing us the flexibility to engineer custom-made solutions for almost any marine environment issue including oil and HNS spills, jellyfish, marine litter, sediments from dredging, red tide phenomena and other detrimental factors. In many cases, New Naval has provided scenario-based intelligence including the analysis of possible impacts of specific hazards and threats to properly formulate the most efficient and effective response and preventative solutions including marine litter solutions.

New Naval continuously invests in new technologies and innovations. By participating in important European research programs such as CLAIM (Horizon 2020) or through our own Research and Development efforts, New Naval aims at developing new technologies and unique products that provide progressive, innovative solutions to any marine environment issue.