Preventative Oil Spill Solutions

New Naval Preventative Oil Spill Solutions

Bunkering/Lightering Operations Preventative Equipment Application

The STS (Ship-to-Ship) transfer of oil is a fairly common practice and the use of spill response equipment can ensure a safe operation with improved safety and insurance that if an incident does take place, it can be quickly and efficiently contained. Theories and experience have time and again proven that observance and adherence to proper procedures, given fair weather and sea conditions can result in a potentially dangerous operation to conclude safely. The process is usually undertaken within the facilities of the port. Some ports have the process as a part of their routine operations and even have set procedures laid down in their regulations, guidelines & manuals including the use and applicaiton of spill prevention equipment.

The use of preventative spill response equipment increases the ability to control an incident and decrease the impact of a spill if an incident should occur. Preventative equipment ensures that the proper steps are taken to reduce risk and improve confidence in operations. Time is of the essence when a spill occurs and having taken precautions including pre-deployment and arrangement of oil containment boom, strategically placing response-ready equipment on-site with trained and experienced personnel reduces the time needed to respond to a spill.


Strategically Placed Response Ready Stockpiles

The placement of response-ready oil spill response or coastal protection equipment stockpiles allows first responders to quickly combat a spill. Pre-selected equipment packages, developed specifically for the site and operations at hand allow responders to effectively and efficiently address an incident in the shortest time possible with the greatest positive result. Stockpiles can be selective of specific equipment for pre-examined and addressed scenarios or they can include the full range of response equipment i.e. dynamic oil recovery response vessels to nearshore or inland containment systems. In an instance where an emergency response is activated dedicated Tier 1 or Tier 2 stockpile resources can be activated to provide strategic and structured emergency response services with all necessary response equipment to properly address the incident at hand.

A large stockpile of ready to deploy equipment allows operators to quickly prepare and send equipment to an incident. This paired with highly qualified engineers and trainers ensures that equipment will be in place, properly attended to and properly operated in the shortest time possible.

In some cases, a selection of specific equipment, even small items such as ground mat, can prevent secondary contamination or a preliminary spill. Custom packages developed by experienced, technical oil spill response specialists can provide the proper solution to prevent or address an incident before it become unmanageable or turns into an emergency situation where secondary resources or additonal support must be allocated to address the incident.