Advanced Research & Development

New Naval Research and Development

New Naval continuously invests in new technologies and innovations. By participating in important European research programs such as CLAIM (Horizon 2020) or through our own Research and Development efforts, such as the latest government funded Oil Spill Project, New Naval aims at developing and testing new technologies and unique products that provide progressive solutions to any marine environment issue.

The CLAIM project promotes the importance of healthy oceans and seas to protect and support marine ecosystems, and in-turn society’s wellbeing. New Naval supports these values and is confident that the CLEAN TRASH system will promote these ideals by reducing litter entering into the sea from river sources while generating valuable information that can be utilized in further equipment applications and marine pollution reduction research.

The Oil Spill Project   
New Naval Ltd, Thrace Nonwovens & Geosynthetics S.A. and FORTH/ICE-HT have joined forces in a *government funded research program to develop new, biomass-derived porous materials for oil spill cleanup. The scope of the program is to identify low density, high porosity and hydrophobicity, eco-friendly materials that will provide highly efficient, low-cost oil absorption in oil spill recovery operations in a sustainable manner. An innovative composite fabric will incorporate the absorbent material in the actual new product for cleaning oil spills and will have an improved cost/benefit ratio, ecological character and high domestic added value compared to existing commercial products. Sustainability will be expressed through the selection of renewable biomass for the synthesis of adsorbents and the eco-friendly character of the new products through their life cycle.   For more information on the Oil Spill Project, please click on the link: Oil Spill.
*project acronym: Oil Spill   funding code: Τ6ΥΒΠ-00088